Valentine’s Day 2007

First of all, I was surprised to find out that people actually read this blog! So, thanks to those who have sent encouragement and kind words……..

Okay, for those of you who have followed this blog since its inception, you know Valentine’s Day is not one of my favorite days. In fact, I have been accused of having a pretty bad attitude when the day rolls around! But I can tell this year is going to be different, and here’s why:

On Sunday, I stayed home from church in order to get ahead in my school work, including a huge research project that just started for my Biola program. I was knee deep in research, paperwork, etc. when the front door opened. In walked Josh holding the biggest Lady Bug balloon I have ever seen! (Lady Bugs are my fav.) He says, “Happy Valentine’s Day Mom! I love you! This is for you because you bug!”

He then pulls out a stuffed monkey and says, “Here Mom, I love you more. Here’s a monkey because you monkey around so much.” (The ultimate compliment!)

In walks Kenny, holding beautiful tulips, and says, “Happy Valentine’s Mom. I bought this for you because you smell so nice… least most of the time!”

Please note, these comments are NOT mean! Anyone who knows me knows my weird humor and it warmed my heart that my boys love me enough to be like me! LOL (On a side note, the whole “you bug” comment was derived by Kirstie years ago and I’ve always held it close to my heart!).

So, thanks boys – thanks for warming my heart and making me smile!!!!

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