I wish I had something controversial to write about….

Well, I am not fired up about anything right now so this might be a boring post!

For those of you who read this, thanks! I was surprised to find out this wasn’t done all in vain. It’s more like therapy for me I guess. But hey, if you’ve read anything posted in this blog and have a moment, leave me a comment!

Okay, so here is some exciting news! After getting my $850 electric bill for June-July, I broke down and called the whole house fan people. This was when it was REALLY hot so of course there was a backlog of orders. The peeps there were VERY nice and I am happy to say TODAY THEY INSTALLED THE FANS!!!!! These fans circulate the air within the house and blow out the hot air in the attic. When I first heard about it I was skeptical, but lots of people in my local neighborhood bulletin board insisted it made a huge difference for their house temperature and electric bill. And I am here to tell you that my house is a very comfortable 77 degrees having not turned the freaking air conditioning on AND the air is moving around very nicely! YES! Gina did something right!

What else? Oh, I finally broke down and enrolled in a couple classes – one elective and one GE class. So right now I have New Testament History & Lituratur thru 9/16, Cultural Psychology beginning next week thru 10/20, my BOLD classes every Thursday night, and World History beginning like 9/25 or maybe that’s in October. I won’t have more than 3 classes at a time. But I am excited that it appears that December 2007 graduation date might be okay. If not, I am not going to cry about it. May 2008 is fine with me.

I am also jazzed because I listed a bunch of items on eBay to raise money for Deana (see www.RussiawithLove.org) and one item sold! Woohoo!

On that note, I should be doing my HOMEWORK, not writing in this blog! What am I thinking???

Gina, OUT!

2 thoughts on “I wish I had something controversial to write about….

  1. Yep, it’s true the house fans work!!! Right on!

    What no controversy? Any hotties in your life? Who was that guy I saw leaving last night? LOL

    Oops, more than just you can read this?

    Peace out!

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