It’s August?

Do you ever sit back and realize that the month you are in in almost over ALTHOUGH mentally you felt as if it were like…..March? I don’t know, that’s how I’ve been feeling the last few days. Soon it will be September, Christmas is right around the corner, I will soon be 39 (yes, really…..not the fake one…..). Time sure flies!

On that note, yesterday at lunch the car in front of me ordered over $50 worth of food VIA THE DRIVE THRU! There should be laws about this! While I totally understand it’s a hassle carrying all that food back to your car, etc. – I think it’s unreasonable for the rest of us to sit behind such orders. Also, it would have been cool if the restaurant asked this guy to pull up and wait for his order – but he had attitude and already gave the clerk a hard time, so I couldn’t bring myself to be irritated with them!

(Now you know why this blog is called “Just Rambling”!)

It seems my brain is telling me I have much more to say – however, it is being lost somewhere in the translation. Maybe it’s because I am sitting here at 5:38am and only have had about half a cup of coffee. So when I get the adequate amount of caffiene flowing thru my blood, I will post again!

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