New Testament Survey

Okay, it’s a weird day because I am not irritated at anything! I know, get your butt off the floor – the world is not over!

Today is my best friend’s birthday – yep, that would be Deana! What’s weird is that I am sitting in the first class of my New Testament Survey class while she is shopping in Cabazon. Weird, but I am happy Tonja and Victoria are spending the day with her. Victoria is doing a great job making sure Deana spends monehy on HERSELF and no one else. Way to go, Toria!

So far, I like this class – I am on break now so don’t be all up in my grill! We have covered the syllabus and it promises to keep me VERY busy for the next 6 weeks, but its fascinating. Already the reading in the text about the culture during the time Christ was on the earth has broadened by understanding of the Gospels and the great gift that has been given to us. It’s hard to articulate within the confines of this blog, but I will try to do so as things come to me.

One complaint (yes, now you KNOW it’s Gina writing this blog!). There is a woman in this class that is older and “knows everything”. She was telling people we are supposed to read the text AFTER each week, which is the opposite of what the syllabus and other publications state. I interjected to the person she was informing “actually, that’s not correct” and pointed them to the syllabus. This woman said back, “Well, all the BOLD classes say that but no one ever does it.” I just shrugged and left it alone because I am not anyone’s mother (at least not in this class) so figured it wasn’t my battle. Turns out, she has only taken a couple Bible classes and has not even enrolled in BOLD yet! Sheesh!

Lecture has been AWESOME! Did you know that Paul usually had a scribe to record his epistles? Did you know that the KJV is not the best bible to use? I will discuss that later, but it makes sense – just keep your mind open for my explanation later!

I am enjoying this class very much – much more than I expected! We are talking about so many things – just finished three key variants in the Bible. I can elaborate on that later too, but it is very fascinating!

The next 6 weeks are going to be very hard; TONS of reading and plenty of things to turn in. But I know I am going to learn lots and have some fun too!


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