Acronym not included…..

Okay, this is going to be a more “generic” post in that all names and locations have been changed to protect all parties involved.

I am tired of people telling me they support me or my friends, that their values are such that they are based on Biblical principles, and that it is safe to ask for anything. Sometimes, that’s just not true!

I am tired of people SAYING words that have no merit. (I would elaborate further, but that might divulge too much.)

I am tired of collective professional cultures that describes an environment of balance and fairness that does not exist.

I am tired of corporations who profess faith in Christ, yet pay religious cult organizations for “life changing” information.

I am tired of Christians in general stating they love Christ, but they act more like Christians** then as an emulation of their Lord. (** This term is defined by the individual and not by Biblical scriptures.)

I am tired of people and businesses who do not practice what they preach, or at least not consistently, and justify said action with stupid verbiage and “CYB” language.

Am I jaded? Maybe. Frustrated? Probably. Saddened? Definitely. I’ve been told this blog is kind of a downer or that my posts seem to suggest I have anger issues– maybe that’s because it is not safe for me to share thoughts without being crucified by others who have lawyers or corporate policies or strong opinions based on what they believe certain scriptures state. Or that there is a very, very narrow view on what is appropriate in everything – and somehow I do not have the intellectual capacity to make any sort of decision in the matter.

This is not in relation to anyone YOU know……..of course!

Please note – if I disappear, then Big Brother has found this post!

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