Why I Love Rush Limbaugh

Hey, that got your attention, didn’t it?  I haven’t decided yet if I REALLY want to write about Rush, however!  More like I want to see how much affect having his name in my subject and tags bring people to my blog………appaling, I know!

You see, I have been exposed for years to Mr. Limbaugh, indirectly.  It started when I was in my late teens/early 20’s when my Dad made the switch from Democrat to Republican.  All of a sudden the world became clear as Rush would explain how very screwed up the Democrats were.  This did NOT boad well for my paternal Grandma, who was a Democrat until her dying day.  But it sure seemed to add some pizzazz to family discussions!  And for that, I am thankful.

Keep in mind, when I married and became active in my church, I switched from Democrat to Republican, too.  There are still many ideologies that I like about the GOP today.  But back then, it was because I believed, to be a Christian, you needed to be a Conservative Republican.  And of course, I also needed to be what my Dad was.  When I turned 18 and registered for the first time, my Dad was a Democrat, and therefore, so was I.  And when he switched…..you get the drift.  Add the hubby and the church, and it was a foregone conclusion.  I remained a Republican until this last Presidential Election……..

“Ah,” you say, “you’re one of THOSE people who voted for Obama?!?!!?!”  Yes, yes I am.  Do I expect Obama to make as many changes as everyone around me?  No.  I have lived long enough to know that one person, especially in our government structure, can’t do everything and quickly.  Do I expect Obama to be perfect or that I he will please me with every decision he makes?  No.  I didn’t have that expectation for GW either, and he didn’t let me down.  And yes, I voted for Bush Sr, and GW both terms.

But I’ve got to admit, while I have never been an idealist who thought our government officials really REALLY cared about us, as I’ve grown older, seen the world a bit, and started thinking for myself, I realized I am not that close to the ideology of the GOP.  Again, there are still things I like and reasonate with……but I don’t know……those years of hearing from my Grandma about how the GOP is more aligned with corporations seems to make sense.  Not that we can really make the ideologies so very simple, but I can share without beating up on anyone that I am more socially concerned for others, want to pay my taxes to help my community and country, and wish corporations (in general) would pay a bit more as well.  But I don’t want to get into the whole economic junk, or how spending is out of control (which is has been since GW’s first term and continues today).  Basically, I believe both parties are very good at spending our money, it’s just that IN GENERAL they spend money on differet kinds of things.

Anyway, back to Rush.  I seriously don’t know why so many people love him.  I mean, everyone likes to have a tough guy in their corner.  I get that.  I even respect it.  I also believe Rush, and everyone else, have the right in this country for free speech.  I also admit that Rush brings in a lot of cash to himself and his sponsors for implementing this right day after day.  And I don’t want to suggest that what he is saying, or those that like him, are wrong.  I understand clearly that people are different, have different views, and heartily believe that this truth is much of what makes this country so awesome!  So please hear that I am not suggesting he should shut up, but I AM saying, as an individual, I just don’t get his popularity.

I have listened to him on and off over the years.  I do believe he’s very intelligent.  And I believe he makes some good points.  But most often, he promotes anger and does nothing to help our government, which is wired to waste time arguing ad nauseum, get along.  He is usually “preaching to the choir” – talking trash about people to people that already don’t LIKE the people he’s talking about.  And that’s fine – you see that in most churches every Sunday.  But what I CAN’T explain, is when he makes those crazy statements like the environmentalist caused the BP oil spill to get attention about global warming or whatever.  What?  And people buy into that?  But hey, I have to give it to him – he is great for the income stream to himself and his sponsors……..I am sure the publicity alone was golden for him.  But hey, again, say what you want Rush and God Bless You – you are an American and I respect that.  I respect your right to say what you want.  I just pray that more people stop just listening and knodding.

And, for what it’s worth, I say the same thing for the Dem or Progressive radio hosts as well.  Just because someone says something that you agree with, doesn’t mean it’s right, accurate, honest, etc.  I wish more people would approach each agenda, item, or issue with fresh eyes and research it as unbiased as possible.  I try to do that and sometimes fail.  But I try.  And I especially do it if someone tells me that “all the church” or “all the democrats” or “the majority” is for it.  Yeah?  Well, you know what?  I am going to take a minute and actually RESEARCH this before I decide what my opinion is!  I am not going to vote on it just because “everyone is doing it”.

And for those of you who like to blame people for voting for Obama – shame on you!  Again, I didn’t think he would save the world, nor did I or do I trust ANY politician to be 100% agreable, honest, productive, etc.  But this country was founded on election by the people, and the majority voted for Obama.  I believe it’s very unAmerican to say stuff like “shame on you for voting for Obama – he’s the reason this country is so messed up!”  To me, it’s like saying, “shame on you for using your Constitutional right to vote!  DOWN WITH THE CONSTITUTION!”  Although, if you really don’t like Obama, I wouldn’t mind you saying, “I really don’t like what Obama is doing.  I think many problems have been created by his position on {enter issue here} and it’s very frustrating.”  Yeah, voice your concern – I respect that.  But don’t beat me and the majority up for voting for him.  Please.

Okay, so this random post evolved as I sipped my coffee this morning.  Not sure where it came from.  But I appreciate your comments!

Gina OUT!

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