Gina’s Trip to McDonald’s

So yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment at 9am – it took over 2 hours, so I decided to save time by eating in the car on my way to work instead of getting there, making my lunch like I usually do, etc.  Plus, since I hadn’t had fast food in about 4 or 5 weeks, I’d figured it would be okay……

For my plan to work, the location needed to be close to my doctor’s office, because it didn’t make sense to get something next to work right?  Since I didn’t really know the area where I was, I decided to stop at the first fast food location I saw.  It turned out to be McDonald’s.  No problem.  I pulled in, ordered my Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo with Diet Dr. Pepper, and waited my turn.

First irony – over $6 dollars for McDonald’s?????  Are you SERIOUS?????

Second irony – while I was waiting in the drive thru for my food, I noticed a delivery truck next to us.  A man was standing there with a tube coming from his truck, attached to a spout that was in the ground – very similar to gasoline trucks making deliveries of gas to an Exxon or 76 Station.  Upon closer review, it was an OIL delivery truck.  The oil they cook with or use in their products.  One was called “McDonald’s Oil” WTH????  And he was standing there a LONG time!  And I also noticed there was one hose for “waste”.  My appetite diminished a bit.

Third irony – I recently watched a movie about the massive food production called “Food, Inc.”, and I found out some disturbing info (check out the ISSUES link for scary details!).  It showed how additives to the meat to make it more addicting, filling, and fattening.  Not to mention there are like 50 cows mixed into one patty or something.  Blah.  Or that they soak McDonald’s french fries in sugar so they come out golden and taste SO GOOD.

By the time I get to the window to get my food, I am wondering why I thought I’d enjoy this.  And even though the Quarter Pounder was freshly made (my trick, say “no pickles” so they have to make mine fresh), it was still just “okay”.  And the fries?  I really didn’t like them.  Seriously!  One thing in life I always thought would remain would be that I loved McD’s french fries!  Even the soda, since I pretty much just drink water now, was like “eh”.  Sigh.

It IS kind of cool that my palate has change to more fresh, healthy eating.  Or I had an off day.  But bottom line, I will stick to my garden and fresh food, thank you very much!

Gina OUT

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