I Forgot About the Narcotics! And Other Things You Probably Don’t Need to Know.

So my trip to the hospital – I forgot to share my tripping drug experience!

As I may have mentioned earlier, the pain I had experienced was annoying but I didn’t think it was dibilitating.  I deal with some level of pain most days.  However, then the ER offered to give me narcotics for the pain, I was like “sure!”.  I figured I should get the most service for my co-pay, you know?  So my ER RN Christy warned me that the drug would probably make me feel a little loopy.  I was like, whatever – I figured she was just being dramatic.  She started pushing the drug into the IV in my right arm and I was like, “bring it”.

I don’t remember the name of the drug, but as it moved up my arm I felt a warmth.  And suddenly my head started feeling different.  The best way I can describe it was layers of velvet were being placed over the layer of my brain.  As the room changed shape (even as I laid there with my eyes closed), I pictured the red velvet layers get thicker, making it harder for signals to escape to my mouth, to my limbs, etc.  However, my thoughts were very lucid.  It was totally trippy.

This experienced lasted about 3-4 minutes – the strangest period of my life – and then I tried to articulate them to Deana, who had been watching me “trip out”.   She now says that I was a bit druggy when I tried to explain it.  But also another huge thing happened – once the pain in my gut was gone, I realized how very badly it had hurt before!  I have said I have always had a high tolerance for pain and thought, “well, how do you really know that, Gina?”  Now I KNOW I do because, well, it was bad!  But I also have to admit that now that I have had drugs, I also seem to have less tolerance when things start hurting again.  Ah, the irony.

Most of my early days in the hospital, I had an IV in each arm.  I can’t really say how that happened, something about they couldn’t get blood out of my right arm so tried my left, and then used it for an IV later.  I DO know that every time a new nurse or tech would come in, they’d say, “you have IVs in both arms?”  I love rhetorical questions.  Anyway, this is very bothersome, if you didn’t know.  When you have an IV, you can’t bend your arms – for me, it was because the IV alarm would go off and the only way to turn it off would be by the nurse.  Further, it hurts like hell!  Secondly, you have these tubes running from both arms and they get all tangled and pull and that hurts too.  Finally, it makes it very difficult to give blood when both arms are taken, so the techs were forced to get creative.  They often used my hands until the bruises made it impossible – we’re talking 10+ times on each hand.  Never mind going to the restroom – DRAMA!  Do I sense a hint of complaint?

One very cool thing about medicine is how, well, amazing it is.  When I had my CT scan, I received an iodine IV right before.  I don’t know how, but the iodine went to my abdomen and the heat was weird.  How did it know to go there?  Amazing.

Okay, I am going to go again.  You get the drift.  More later.

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