More Cool Things About Baylor

So instead of having yucky hospital food delivered three times a day, maybe right before a procedure or when you’re sleeping or whatever, Baylor does things differently.  They have “room service”; you call them when you’re hungry, order off a menu, and they deliver your food when you order!  They also have specials for family, too – $10 an order, order whatever you want.  Want yogurt?  $10.  What two hamburgers?  $10.

Now, at first I could only have clear liquids, and then ANY liquids including cream of wheat, ice cream, and the like.  Let me tell you, Cream of Wheat never tasted so good!  Sunday late morning I was allowed all food and that rocked, too.

The other thing I thought was cool was the handhelds the techs used.  Each time they came for blood (which was every three hours – I have bruises all over!) they would use the handheld to scan my bracelet.  It was very high tech and I loved it.

I was a little disappointed at how low tech the non-blood tech’s equipment was, however.  Old fashioned thermometers that go under your tongue, even if digital?  Seriously!  At CareNow they have these wands that go across your forehead!  But it was still okay.

One thing I DID NOT understand was on Friday and Saturday, housekeeping came in after 9pm to empty the trash and sweep the floors.  HELLO!  Sick people need sleep!  Especially when they take your blood every three hours!  And then today (Sunday) housekeeping comes in about an hour before I am released and totally mops the floors, etc.  HELLO!  I know they have to clean it again after I leave, so why do it when I am trying to get my paperwork done and the nurses have to disconnect my IVs and such?  That was poor planning.  But the staff was nice.

The nurses at Baylor rocked, though.  When I would be with my Mom or other family members in the hospitals, the nurses really seemed put out if you needed something.  Not so at Baylor.  Instead, they truly seemed like they loved what they did.  While some RNs were better than others, all were pleasant and cheerful.  All were responsive.  And as someone who doesn’t like being at the mercy of IVs or people, I really appreciated that.

That’s all for now.  I have moments where my mind races and I start writing, then I get sleepy again!  And now I am back to sleepy!

Gina OUT.

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