American Idol – Top 12 and the Rolling Stones

So I missed the first ten minutes……sigh……Curse you Central Time!  Oh, and for my “friend” who deleted me from FB, funny that you still come to this page!

Michael – I missed his song, but I bet it sounded great!

Didi Benami (02) – I really REALLY liked her song!  She sounded on key to me and had a depth to her song.  Cheers for this.

Casey James (03) – at first I was like, this song is too big for him.  But when he went full voice, I was like…..Yeah, sing it brother!  I love the blues feel to it and his hair looks MUCH better down than in a pony tail!  🙂  Slide guitar wasn’t that bad, either.  Can I add that Ellen is HILARIOUS?

Lacey Brown (04) – so she is a church girl, huh?  That’s kinda cool, actually!  She has that hip hair AND can be a Christian, you know?  Anyway, her singing didn’t impress me nearly as much as her story and the way she looks.  She sounded……scared.  But I think she has potential…..though she may have tried a bit too hard……

Andrew Garcia (05) – no guitar tonight man?  But boy, do I love this man’s voice!  Nice use of the voice – soft one moment, rough and full the next.  The song itself…..not so much…..but I liked him very much.

Katie Stevens (06) – the story of her Grandma and her love for her touched me during the audition phase of this season.  Her voice, especially for her age, impresses me.  I think she did “okay” tonight….I liked her voice, but I am not sure I would sit and listen again.  Maybe it was the song, I don’t know.

Tim Urban (07) – a raggae version of “Under my Thumb?”  Seriously?  NOT…..A……FAN.  Oh, and the singing?  SUCKED.  Sorry.  Rediculous.

Siobhan Magnus (08) – word of advice from a woman with a big nose like myself – not a good idea to put a piercing to emphasize!  I have to admit, though, her voice was pretty good.  Much better at the higher notes.  A few pitch problems.  Oh wait, I was gonna say something nice, but that screaming at the end scared the crap out of me.  What the hell was THAT about?!?!!?!

Lee DeWyze (09) – I will be straight with you, this guy is not my fav.  I see him, and I start by not liking him.  He has a steep road to climb to impress me.  But I have to tell you – I loved his song!  His raspy voice was……NICE!  He seemed so  WITH the song, comfortable, and I really enjoyed listening to him!  This was the first song I really thought “I need to vote for him” tonight!

Paige Miles (10) – another church girl – right on!  I don’t have strong feelings for Paige, but I have to say, I love that she always sings songs that don’t necessarily fit the stereotype for a young black woman.  And this song seemed so effortless for her.  And dang it girl, she was in tune for the whole song and dammit, I think I will buy her freaking iTune song for that performance!  What?!!?!!?  She was struggling with her voice this week?  NO WAY!  Amazing.  She gets my vote for SURE!

Aaron Kelly (11) – again, sorry, I can’t get past his eyebrows.  When he was younger, they looked FINE!  His hair looked cool tonight, though.  And I resent this, but I can’t say one bad thing about his singing tonight, either.  He even sounded…….gulp…….GOOD.  I agree with Randy, those “tender moments” were very good.  And, have I mentioned that ELLEN IS HILARIOUS?

Crystal Bowersox (12) – Another transparent moment – I love her.  She is one of my favs, if not my very favorite.  Her voice is so…..timeless.  She could be in the 60’s a la Janice Joplin.  She can be in the 90’s a la Melissa Ethridge.  I could sit for hours and just listen to her.  She is naturally talented and so entertaining.  HER VOICE IS AMAZING.  Freak.  I think I want her to win, seriously.  VOTE FOR HER WOULDYA?  Oh, and she made the song her own, you know?  I love her.

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