What is Reality?

So, often in my life I am faced with situations that are not……well……pleasant.  Either I am confronted by my own bad behavior, or that of others, or just circumstances that are tough.  Everyone deals with these sorts of things, for sure.  But, it’s how we REACT to it that makes us different.

For example, one of my former co-workers lost her 18-year-old daughter in a tragic, really pathetic car accident.  My co-worker and her husband were obviously devastated, which is completely understandable, yet they kept a peace about them and often encouraged those around them that were also dealing with the pain of the situation.  As Christians, they pointed their responses to their Lord.  Years later, I am still amazed by their reaction.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are those that justify their bad behavior over and over again.  They are not emotionally mature enough to confront situations, but instead keep perceived hurts to themselves, avoiding or hurting the offender with passive-aggressive behaviors or outright rudeness.  I often find that there are whole clans that reinforce this behavior by either ignoring it or outright enabling it by offering excuses or statements like, “well, that’s the way she is.  You know we {enter name here} just don’t know how to communicate”.  All the while, their tacit acceptance of the behavior gives it credence.

I have been through the spectrum myself.  I have been very proud of the way I’ve reacted to situations, and very disappointed in myself.  I suppose I’d be pretty good at offering excuses when I’ve experienced an epic fail…….even as I look at others and point out that their excuses are lame.  So, as I encourage my 2.78 readers to consider their reactions this week, it also is a reminder to me……..our reactions are huge areas we are measured by.  The things that bug us the most might be characteristics that manifest themselves often in our own lives.  Patterns exist.  Think about it.

One thought on “What is Reality?

  1. Wow, Gina! A very thoughtful post. I work in psychiatry (as a nurse) and we talk a lot with our patients about not letting others’ behavior control our own. It’s difficult, you’ve got a great perspective on it!

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