Why Progressives Do Not Equal Progress……

…..and other enlightened realizations received by Gina!

So it’s been a while since I’ve written my usual “rant” about life and the junk that comes with it!  So, having said that, this could mean that this will be a long, deranged and curse filled post, or will be short as I sit and realize there is just too much to elaborate on!  Ah, the suspense is KILLING me!  🙂  Now, where to begin?

So, first of all, I recently went to get my eyes checked.  It was about time; I had had my reading/computer glasses for about two years and – unfortunately – was realizing that see things up close were becoming a bit more…….problematic.  I have been far sighted since I was youngER, so I figured as I grow older, near images would become more of an issue.  I went to Costco for my exam and, sure enough, was told that I needed a stronger prescription.  Wasn’t surprised at all by that.  But then the bomb hit……..”I think you really need to consider getting progressive lenses now.”  PROGRESSIVE LENSES?!?!!!!?  YOU MEAN THE KIND THAT OLD PEOPLE WEAR?!?!!?!!?!!?  (Please, to those of you who are older than me and who might have progressive lenses, that comment was not meant to offend.  I promise.  So since I promised, you can’t haze me right?)  So anyway, I sat in disbelief for a moment and then had the brilliant idea to ask WHY I needed progressive lenses.  I mean, I only need them for computer and reading, right?  WRONG!  While my distance vision was GOOD, one of my eyes has astigmatism and, well, the other one could use a little help too.  Do you know how many years I’ve bragged that my distance vision ROCKED?!  Holy crap!  But, as the shock that this  nearly 42-year-old body was failing me, I slowly nodded my head that I agreed with the fine doctor’s opinion and she started writing with amazing speed.

Now, about 10 or so days later, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I DID need these freaking glasses!  I can certainly see much clearer and my eyes don’t get all throbbing after working all day.  Even driving home, I feel much more comfortable, especially at night.  But me, wearing progressive?  Wow.

I do have to say that LEARNING how to use them reminded me SO of my Dad!  When he first got his (much later in life, I might add!), he would move his head around, trying to find the “sweet spot” to see me or whomever he was talking to.  I would laugh so hard and say “what are you DOING Dad?”  Well, yeah, that was me for the first few days.  Oh, and the fact that walking was a bit troublesome at first.  Steps looked flatter and flat portions looked sloped or at least like they needed a step.  I was LAME!  But I have survived and, well, I wear freaking glasses all day now.  But I’ve been told I look freaking SEXY!

Alas, that is all I am going to write about at this time!  I know, that was a bit of a dud, huh?  All worked up and catching up and BAM – just talk about the ol’ glasses.  Well, that’s how the keyboard crumbles!  I warned you!  But to try to eleviate any pain, here is a funny video of me skydiving….check out my chubby cheeks in the wind!

Gina OUT!

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