Random Videos

So I have been able to download a free program that let’s me convert files to formats for posting very easily.  So my find means you will have to watch things here whether you want to or not!  🙂

The first video I made in 2006 to document the first portion of Deana’s adoption process.  This trip is where she first met Zack and Sophia (back then we thought she’d go by Sophie).  I also produced the video to help encourage some of the Christians we were around that had no problem telling her is was wrong, as a single woman, to adopt children.  And finally, to help raise funds to offset the HUGE expense she faced.  By I digress.

I would be remiss if I did not share that there IS a HUGE orphan problem in Russia and the majority of these children have bleak futures.  If you have ever thought of adoption, I request that you at least check out the children living in Russia, who are amazing wonderful!  Now, on to the video!

The second video I’d like to share is one of my favorites!  Kenny has always been my daredevil – not really afraid of anything and actually happy to push the limits.  This video was taken when he was 7 years old, only the second time he had been snowboarding.  I skied behind him on the mountain in Mammoth and Edgar produced the video.  It may be a little long, but there IS a cute interview of him at the end.  I can’t believe how little he was!


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