This is REAL People!

Sharing some of the craziness that is my job……

  • My boss has owned this business for 5 years.  During that time, he has paid the WITHHOLDING TAXES from his employees checks about 5 times (all during the time I worked there, which began in January 2009).  The IRS has threatened to seize his assets and have levied the bank accounts numerous times.  Same with EDD.  He hired a tax advocate, who said we had to “no longer pyramid” (aka, pay each payroll cycle the withholding taxes) so that they can negotiate waiving the penalties and interest.  Sigh.  Nope, hasn’t happened.  When I give him a list for THIS YEAR’S amount due (approx. $750,000) and remind him he owes over $1mil for 2007 alone, he tells me the IRS can’t do anything to him.
  • The tax advocates recommended that my boss close the corporation that owes the $1+ million and just use the new corporation that he opened this year.  That way, the employer’s portion would go away, which amounts to about $400,000.  They said, to do that, he could NOT merge the companies because the liability would come over.  When I learned of this, I said I needed time to convert the accounting records, the employees, transfer the leases, etc.  I was told I would get that.  Yep, I got 24 hours notice!  And what’s funny…….the two leases that “converted” have been refused by the landlords!  You see, the boss was SURE that they would accept 100% of the same terms and fees for the new company, that there would be no credit check, etc.  That was 7/31 and it’s still not resolved.  Oh, and guess what?  The companies were MERGED…….
  • We are being sued by several vendors that want the past due invoices paid.  The boss says they can’t do that because it will mess up our chances of getting the huge loan to consolidate all of the debt that we have not even been making payments on.
  • We received a subpoena yesterday, which the boss said we do not have to respond to.
  • We have not paid sales tax for four months.  He says that is not really that important.
  • Today is payday and we are overdrawn in all bank account by over $10,000
  • Even sharing a FEW of the items above, the boss is opening a new location in Las Vegas in about a month.  Not sure where the capital is coming from to do that.  Not sure how the lease he signed is legal since he used a corporation that hasn’t even been formed yet.  Not sure how I will pay the 100+ union employees he will have as I don’t have the info to set up the accounting, bank accounts, order checks, etc.  But I have been told I am “too negative” since I keep asking for these details.  But remember, Gina, the cashflow will be AMAZING and we can pay all of our vendors off!  At that point, I remind the boss that this will be set up under a different corporation and AGAIN, you really can’t pay the bills of one corporation with the money from another……….
  • Oh, and don’t forget that I am “the problem” with other employees, especially the one that has been historically written up for anger issues and even was sent to anger management classes.  SHE has the “greatest attitude” of all the employees……..

Yes, this was a vent.   And I am completely hopeless that anything will change.  Because, the biggest lesson I have learned is that the boss doesn’t haven’t to follow IRS/EDD/Labor or any other rules or laws.

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