Weekends in the Outdoors!

So I accomplished a lot this weekend; FINALLY finished my office – I am now officially unpacked!  Woohoo!  In fact, I am typing this post from the comfort of my desk, sipping my morning coffee, and enjoying my split-screen set-up!  Yes!

So, one of the amazing bennies of living where I do is that “the outdoors” are much more pleasant to deal with.  Unfortunately, SCV is often too hot to enjoy much more than the swimming pool.  However, although it WAS pretty warm this weekend, it was workable.  We got to go kayaking through Naples, which is a gorgeous island of sorts off the Long Beach Marina.  That was AWESOME and great exercise, too!  Then we hung out on 2nd Street to take in the community and also I was able to get my hair cut.  We checked out a sandcastle contest that was pretty cool and then we did some shopping.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of my time unpacking the office, but DID find time to ride my bike down to 2nd Street for more fun.  I didn’t realize there are so many hills in LB!  🙂  But it was fun and again, more great exercise.  I LOVE IT!

I hope these activities are easily incorporated into the fall and winter as well!

Gina OUT!

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