Thursday – What to Say?

I am not sure what to post, and I know it’s been a while.  I have started a few and never posted them…..yeah, the lifestyle of the unmotivated!

We moved successfully, if not with a few bumps, and are now settling in nicely.  Kenny LOVES being so close to the beach!  We rode there one night and it was AWESOME!  The kids love that there is a huge olympic pool right on the beach, too.  So that part is awesome.  This is also a very nice neighborhood – quiet and about 10 neighbors stopped by to welcome us.  Even Gracie is loving it!

I am sad to report that all my complaints about Du-par’s before were NOTHING compared to the crud that is happening now.  Each day I become a bit more weary with the shenanigans that go on and the unrealistic optimism I feel I am supposed to display when being basically yelled at throughout the day from people who want money.  The biggest group of these people, lately, are the check cashing places trying to collect on bounced payroll checks…….sheesh.  But even worse, the “golden child” of the firm, who the President loves, treats us the worse and I am really getting tired of it.  Sigh.

Hey, if there are any labor lawyers out there – I have a question.  We have an internal policy (aka the President said so….) that we NEVER process a workman’s comp claim because, if we have no claims, then we get a dividend back from our insurance.  One person said they hurt their leg and has been off for about 6 weeks.  The President has paid several bills, including for an MRI, and we have been paying their salary when off, but the employee feels as though more needs to be done and is tired of the President telling him that “he does not have a workman’s comp claim”.  I have raised my concerns, too.  However, the President claims that we have a right under California law that says we can treat “first aid” without filing a claim.  If a person has been off work for 6 weeks, has had about 6 doctors appointments including an MRI, and such…….is that considered first aid?  What are the requirements for filing a workman’s comp claim?  The President says, “well, we could file it, but they would just deny it because this injury would be rejected.”  Said President is NOT a doctor…… if anyone knows, let ME know!

Okay, I must get ready for work.  I will write again, I am sure!

Gina OUT.

One thought on “Thursday – What to Say?

  1. re work comp… your pres is right that you do have the right to treat first aid… but that consists of a visit to the dr.. determine what is wrong and a follow up to the dr to clear them of the injury if needed. In other words under the law you are not in the first aid arena… you are in a full work comp claim with off time compensation going on… I would suggest this employee contact a work comp atty… advise he has been getting treatment/off time benifits being paid direct by the employer but is now being refused further medical. As for your boss he is in for a whole lot of problems/penaltie for not reporting a wc claim timely…. let alone that ins co will most likely non renew him unless it is state fund they have to insure him…

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