It’s Sure Been Awhile……

So, sorry this has not been update – I have a long list of excuses but won’t post them here!

Left Du-par’s a week ago, but have sort of made peace with it.  I meet with Biff this morning for breakfast.

New job at a Mortgage Lender; Accounting Manager while also managing the office, HR, and IT.  Will eventually be a back-up Underwriting/Operations manager as well.  I have realized that Retail Underwriting seems to be WAY easier than commercial underwriting!  So far, so good.  This job, btw, has a whole story to it that makes it truly amazing, but I don’t have time now to elaborate.

Mom fell last week and was in the hospital.  Thought she had a blood clot in her leg, but instead it is an infection that hurts really badly.  Good news is that her lungs are doing pretty well, although she can’t walk very well.  Still trying to get 24 hour care approved (she is on disability).  She is home now and my brother is still caring for her – fingers crossed.

And that’s all I have time for now!  Want to get a song posted.  🙂

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