Pics and Other Boring Items

So I’ve gone back to uploading my pics to my Mac Site – it’s just so much easier than uploading here or trying to make Facebook work!  So my decision gives you the opportunity to laugh at my face more often!

To check out ALL of the pics from day 1 of my kidnap weekend spent at Bolsa Chica Beach, click here.

To check out all the pics from day 2 of my kidnap weekend spent and Disneyland, click here.

So yeah, got a little sunburnt on Saturday due, in large part, to my apparent inability to apply sunscreen in an even and appropriate manner!  I have GREAT coverage in some areas of my body, and I suck in the other areas!  Primarily are my arms and the part of my legs that bend.  OUCH!  It doesn’t help that there is a HUGE heat wave going on here, I work in the Valley, and the air doesn’t work in my office!  Today I might even wear flip flops and shorts to work!  (It was over 100 degrees in my office yesterday!)  (Oh, poor poor Gina!)

So, if you look at the Disneyland pics, I need to share a story.  Last time I went, Jenny Jen Jen KICKED MY BUTT on the Toy Story Ride.  It was embarrassing!  So this time, I made a wager with her and D, with the winner getting two home cooked meals (one from each of the losers).  It was a risk for me to do that, of course, because of my horrible loss last time.  But, if you know me, you know a good challenge brings out the best in me.  I was INTENSE in there (as a couple of the pics show) and after each session of shooting would call out my score and D and Jen would yell theirs back.  It was like a sea saw – I was up, Jen was up, etc.  BRING IT!  So I was so freaking focused and ended up winning the challenge!  NOT by as much as Jen killed me last time, but that is not important when food is in the mix!  LOL

Disclaimer – D would add that she was taking pics so of course she didn’t win.  But I would like to add, she knew the wager was on so that was her choice!

Okay, I must go get ready for work.  I could add lots of negative comments here, but found that doing so does not change that things suck.  So I will not…..

Have a great day peeps!

Gina OUT!

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