Evidence that Life Can Be Good

Well, I have eluded to the fact that, well, life has sucked on and off lately.  But I have incredible friends and family who love me enough to “kidnap” me and force me to relax and rewind!

Day 1 of the Kidnap Weekend – Bolsa Chica State Beach!

Me and Jen, Super Lifeguards!


Surfs UP!


Here is the ladybug I saved from drowning. I was very touched by that.

Until I realized there were about 5,000 ladybugs on the beach and many of them “accidentally died” after they played with the kids.


Jen and Josh

Me, Jen, and Josh


Josh and Soph at sunset


Me and Zack


Okay, so apparently you can’t drink alcohol on state beaches.

And I KNEW my beers were sitting in the cooler all day, missing me. So what that I took one into the bathroom when I showered!


I will try to post the Disneyland pics from Kidnap Day 2!

Gina OUT!

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