Friday Love Song (late!) – Almost Paradise

I think this was the theme song to my senior prom….or maybe junior prom…….and actually I was like “oh my gosh, I didn’t post my Friday song!  What should I do?>????”  I asked some friends, and this was the first nominated song.  And, against my “rules”, I do NOT have this one on my iPod.  But I am sure you will forgive me.  And for some reason I want to see the movie Footloose……

I thought that dreams belonged to other men
‘Cuz each time I got close
They’d fall apart again

I feared my heart would beat in secrecy
I faced the nights alone
Oh, how could I have known
That all my life I only needed you

We’re knocking on heaven’s door
How could we ask for more?
I swear that I can see forever in your eyes

It seems like perfect love’s so hard to find
I’d almost given up
You must’ve read my mind
And all these dreams I saved for a rainy day
They’re finally comin’ true
I’ll share them all with you
‘Now we hold the future in our hands


And in your arms salvation’s not so far away
We’re getting closer, coser every day


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