Yada Yada Yada and Real Pics of Easter

The subject line is in response to Martin, who used that phrase in an email to me (which, he pointed out, was NOT blank! I am not as lame as I thought!) Yes Martin, I am writing more now on the blog……it’s amazing what I can accomplish when I don’t have never-ending homework!

So, I am realizing that I am losing my Orange County “style”. Well, not that I HAVE much style, but when I lived in the valley, I still considered myself an OC Girl. But now that I am in the Santa Clarity Valley, I am allowing myself to feel like a valley girl…….and I recall my years in the OC (OMG, I said “the OC”…..more proof that what I am sharing is true!) are becoming a fond memory. Other than my daughter, who attends Cal State Fullerton, and Disneyland (where my love Goofy lives), I am not sure I would GO to the OC! Okay wait, there are myriad other reasons why I would go there……Mission Presbyterian Church, my other friends there, etc. So chill people! I am MAKING A POINT! lol

So anyway, I like my new digs. I stopped by Borders on the way home, which is close to my house, and it was SO NICE! My neighborhood is quiet and clean. I don’t have to drive that far to work. It feels so nice here. And that rocks.

I have heard from a couple peeps the link to the pics don’t work. Sorry about that. So I am uploading here until I remember my password to snapfish!

The better side for Kenny, Me, and Josh


Kenny about to take a shot……


Josh and Gracie being dramatic after receiving a shot


Me and My Boys – Yes, I got dolled up!


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