Sorry Tuesday – it’s a Blah Day

No offense to Tuesday, per se.  I mean, it never really DID anything to me actually. It’s not like it is a MONDAY, signifying the return to work, or anything like that.  It’s not like I hear the word “Tuesday” and my gut pulls in or I say a few choice words in my head.  Yet, without any hesitation, I am telling you that THIS Tuesday is a blah day.

Can’t explain exactly why.  Some factors though; I am tired, I am still sick, I seriously have stacks of CRAP on my desk at work and no way to really address them, and I am in the mood to just bury my head in my pillow and wait for the day to pass.

Wow, I am so PATHETIC!

I have lots to be thankful for, believe me, but I am not really feeling it right now.  And that is the truth.  And I guess that is okay!  And now, having gotten that off my chest, I will now go get ready for work.  I better dress for crap duty, because well, there’s gonna be lots of it!

Gina OUT

p.s.  I promise to post pics soon of Disneyland et al.

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