Life and Other Four Letter Words

No, I promise, this is not going to be a downer post.  Although I COULD write on and on about how things can suck, that is not for this post.  I know, disappointing!

So there is some pretty crazy things that happen in life.  Yesterday, when I arrived in the parking lot at my work, I hear a loud BANG behind me.  My eyes snapped up to my rear view mirror, as I had already pulled into a space, and I viewed a jeep moving in the parking lot behind me.  When I got out of my car, I saw the craziest thing – a car facing the Jeep had driven over the curb between them, driver over a grass barrier/hill, and crashed into the Jeep!  But the fun doesn’t stop there!  The driver of the car, an elderly man, backed the car up and took off!  The poor Jeep owner, a woman visiting from Montana, had a badly hurt car and none of us was able to get his plate number!

Life – wow!

There are times when my day resembles that of the Jeep owner, if only metaphorically.  I am minding my own business and BAM! – something hits me and then takes off.  There are so many such occasions in my life actually.  And, unfortunately, the REAL problem is my reaction to it.  I have been angry, withdrawn, devastated, or not reactive enough.  I have spent way too much time thinking of the scenario in the first place and far too less dealing with the issue OR getting on with my life.

But sometimes I CAN and DO react in a positive manner.  I know, its a stretch.

Another four letter word – WORK.  I am very thankful I have a job, yes.  In fact, I just got a raise and I am very thankful for that.  I have all the trappings of an “important” job; a laptop, a company phone, I can and do sign checks, and I manage people.  However, I am currently having to face some serious CRAP (another four letter word, I might add) and it’s not pleasant.  In fact, the more I shovel the crap out, more seems to fall in.

PITY party is sort of a four letter word, too!

And I haven’t stated this in a while, but I love my Mac!  I have an HP for work, with Vista no less, and it’s OKAY…..(another four letter word), but it sure doesn’t touch the power and ease of my Mac!  Gosh, when I added my wireless printer, it took like 2 minutes with the Mac….I won’t even SAY what it took with horrible Vista!  Sheesh!  But I am not a hater…..and if you want a PC you get it, okay?  I really don’t care!

Okay, if you have any four letter words you would like to share, have at it.  Just keep it clean!

Gina OUT!

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