Thursdays Aren’t Bad!

Usually, I live for Fridays…..I mean, they are bringing in the weekend and all!  But I am trying to be more positive… today I am thinking, Thursdays rock, too!  Seriously, they lead to Friday, and then BAM!  It’s the weekend!  So I am excited that today is Thursday.

(Side note:  You’re exactly right, I have nothing really important to write about!)

I don’t think I’ve noted, with justice, how very pleased I am that my shoulder is healed.  I went from constant pain that interfered with every aspect of my life (not to mention I am left handed and the shoulder involved is my left).  As physical therapy would not fix my injury, but make the pain worse, I had no alternative to surgery to make a difference.  Things were getting better and then I got in my motorcycle accident…..I thought I was toast for sure.  But I am pain free, I have great mobility, and the only real reminder I have at all are the little scars from the surgery!  I can life, pull, swing, sleep……everything!  I am very thankful for sure!

Also, I need to mention that you’ve heard me complain about my employee, Charles here.  We DID have a rough spot together, and I had to come down hard on him.  But things have been working out quite well together and he (and I) are now working as a team.  Neither of us are perfect, but I just wanted to share that that aspect of my work life is running smoothly.

I miss many of my friends – blog or otherwise – and wish you well!

One thought on “Thursdays Aren’t Bad!

  1. Glad you are pain free and you are seeing the positive side of life!Sorry I’ve been off your blog, I’ve been busy with moving and helping our daughter with a health problem. I’ve miss you too and will write soon:)

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