Monday is over – whew!

So today there were some good things that happened – traffic from my new place to work was not bad at all!  Well, there WAS some traffic coming home, but overall it wasn’t horrible.  I even swung by to pick up Kenny before heading home!  So I am very grateful for that for sure!  Living closer to Edgar again is AWESOME!

Work, however, kind of sucked.  We are upgrading our server, and I had gone through this elaborate planning with our vendor and our (currently) five locations.  However, it started off badly…..despite my planning efforts, the vendor majorly dropped the ball.  No temp log ons, no directions, and basically an entire day without access to our accounting program.  When I called them on it, they claimed they always planned for Monday to be a down day.  However, they didn’t realize that they are dealing with “CYB Gina”, who had an arsenal of emails that clearly established the agreement and plans!  So, I sent a couple to say, “help me see where I misunderstood the plan”…..suddenly, the plan was back but then myriad excuses were offered.  Sigh.  Bottom line, we didn’t get the accounting system up until after 4pm.  Wasted day.

HOPEFULLY, the conversion will be completed by Wednesday.  But, if I may say so, after days like this I missed how ECCU ran conversions!

Gracie has adjusted to her new digs quite well!  Special thanks to Rita who has taken great care of her during my transition.  As I type, Gracie is sleeping behind me, with her paw resting against my shoulder.  So cute.

Just a small reference – I am really enjoying the book “Signora da Vinci”, a historical novel about Leonardo’s mother.  Cool stuff!  It is written by Robin Maxwell and I highly recommend it!  It’s also very cool that I was able to travel to Italy in 2006, so I have a point of reference to some of the sites described in the book.  I am very blessed.

After the horrible move on Saturday, I watched “Remember the Titans” on Sunday morning.  Sometimes I just need a good cry, and this is one of those movies where there is plenty of that!  Kenny came to sit with me during the movie and was asking a few questions to get caught up.  As it was a moment where I was trying hard to suppress the sobs, I had some difficulty articulating the circumstances to him.  He looked at me, and with shock asked, “Are you CRYING?!?!!?!”  My response?  “I………football!”  🙂  But the sobbing with this movie really helped me settle into a glorious day and fun with the boys and getting things unpacked!

I hope that this post finds YOU healthy and happy, and settled well into your life!

Gina, OUT!

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