Josh and Mom Day

After many delays and false starts, Josh and I are finally having our special time together!  I am very thankful because, with my upcoming surgery, I didn’t want to delay it further and also did not want him to be tied down with a gimpy mom!

So, you’re probably why I am writing on this blog if we’re having our time together, right?  Well, I DO have a class that I need to meet with online at 11 am, and just finished some homework.  He is watching a moving and we are chilling until after my class.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t had a blast so far!  Last night we went for Hibachi and had a yummy dinner, volcano and all, as well as some random drumming with our chopsticks.  We finished the night singing karaoke till I lost my voice.  Today, we did a bit of that, played with Gracie, and just were silly together.  In fact, while giving Gracie Milk-Bones, he asked if he could taste one.  He did and the kid can ACT!  He so convinced me it was the best thing ever, so much so that I took a bite!  He immediately ran to the trash to spit it out while I agonized over the horrible taste in my mouth!  Let me tell you, I am NOT that gullible, but he was very convincing!

Okay, thanks for letting me fill the gap before my class!  I will write more later with other things Josh has done to his poor old mom!  Remind me to tell you about the Sumo Wrestler!

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