Things that Bug

Just some random occurrences that really bug me……

  • The guy who I am replacing at my new job, Vernon, noticed I was left handed.  He said to me, “Oh, my son was born left handed, but I didn’t allow me to write with his left hand and punished him so that he would write with his right hand.”  “Why did you do that?” I asked nicely.  “Well, I just didn’t want him to be left handed.”  I let it go.  Later, he asked, “Does it feel natural to write with your left hand?”  I looked at him and said, “Well, does it feel natural for you to write with your right hand?  How would you like it if your parent punished you every time you wrote with it and said you had to use your left hand?”  He just looked at me.
  • When I would get the boys from school before my job, we would often go to Weinerschnitzel ’cause Ken was addicted to chili cheese dogs.  They have a sign there showing they accept credit cards and the slogan it, “Eat now, pay later”.  That is a true concept, but boy it bugs me every time!  This society is so credit entrenched and this just adds to the philosophy of this!  Eat now, pay later!  Yeah, that chili cheese dog is gonna cost you way more than the $3 you just gave them when you finally pay it off (if you have a running balance and pay minimum payments, etc.)  Or better yet, why don’t you pay off those credit card balances by refinancing your house and consolidating your debt?  Woohoo, pay for that hot dog over 30 years!  YES!
  • How come people (male or female) look at you as you’re both walking into a store, open the door, and then let if fall closed behind them?  I mean, seriously, they KNOW you’re right behind them!  Hold the freaking door behind you!  Have some courtesy people!

Okay, that’s all for now!

One thought on “Things that Bug

  1. Send that jerk Vernon a nice “retirement present” — the book RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND by Dr. Chris McManus, documenting (among other things) the genetics of left-handedness and why NOT to change it. Wrap it up in plain white wrapping-paper: decorate the paper first, by dipping your left hand in bright paint and stamping it all over.

    Also, don’t forget to let Vernon know that the FBI thinks Osama became a terrorist partly to get back at his family that tried hard to change this natural left-hander into a righty — and failed at least partway (to this day, Osama still shoots a rifle left-handed even though orthodox Islamic belief regards the left hand as bad, unnatural, dirty, and all the rest of it).

    Kate Gladstone

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