Sunday, and what to write?

I am fighting the urge to write about the Presidential Debate that occurred this week. I wasn’t home as I work in practically another state now, but did catch a good portion of it on the radio. But I am NOT going to write about it other than I am proud of our country in that we, as citizens, are given the right to vote for our leaders. So on that, VOTE PEOPLE!

The new job is a bit tough, for myriad reasons……which I will not get into here and now. The drive is a huge part of that, but also there is no real “accounting” in this firm. Learning in 3.5 days what I need to do (which currently is not “accounting” but scary procedures) was tough enough……and eventually I am supposed to establish real accounting procedures and policies. Sigh. I can do it, those of you who know me know this is the sort of thing I thrive on……but there are aspects that have me concerned. But it’s only been a few days so I will wait and see……

The kids are doing well, although they miss having me here everyday to go to the skate park, go out to eat, etc. With all the bitterness and complaining you’ve heard over the last few months, having the summer off with the kids has been an amazing blessing. It is totally what we needed, it brought so many awesome memories into our lives, and I will always look on these months as a direct gift from God. I believe the Bible says something along the lines of “all things work out for those who love God”…..and it certainly was true in this respect for me.

My shoulder is, well, blah! It still hurts and is extremely sore from the procedure I had this week. My appointment for the results is scheduled for 10/6. This is the longest time I’ve had to deal with pain (other than my carpel tunnel), and it’s getting quite frustrating. I am getting better at protecting my arm (no body surfing, no indoor kart racing, etc.) as the pain bugs, but there are times when this is difficult as I am left handed. Instincts tell me to do something and then BAM, I am in pain. So yeah. But I AM toning my activities down.

The bike is AWESOME! Ken and I tooled around town yesterday and it was so much fun. Josh loves it too, but he was too busy with his friends yesterday to partake in the fun. LOL He is so funny.

Okay, well, let me know if you have any questions or topics you’d like to see on this blog. I know it’s getting a bit boring.

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