“Dude, this sucks” and other Economic News

As a person that has been unemployed for over three months, I can say finding a job right now is not fun.  Well, admittedly, I kind of coasted during the summer a little – hanging with the kids, going to the beach, etc.  But now that the kids are back in school, the days are LONG and I am going stir crazy……and have stepped up my effort to find work.  It is still encouraging; in the past, I would send out maybe 4-5 resumes and get 3-4 calls back right away.  It is very different now, although I DID have an interview this week……we shall see what happens.

But, overall, there are LOTS of people in my position and we are all fighting for the small amount of jobs being offered right now.  Everywhere you turn you hear about tough situations.  Such as:

HP Announces 24,600 Layoffs in wake of EDS Acquisition

US weekly jobless claims rise 10,000 to 455,000; cont. claims down 55,00

I could find lots more, but you get the idea.  So I am sitting here as I send out an average of 10 resumes a day wondering – how long before I find a job?  Should I go to McDonald’s and see what I can get?

Dun dun dun!

I am NOT meaning to sound all pitiful, for sure.  But I am but one person in thousands who is experiencing a big change in the market and the economy.  I have a good friend who is well educated, has had a work history at the executive level, and has only been able to do contract work in the last few months.  This is tough!

So anyway, I will persevere but yeah, “Dude, this sucks!”

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