So what’s new with Gina?

Let’s see…….

Kirstie is now 18! I can’t believe it really. Who would have thought that she could be 18 so quickly? That CAN’T mean I am getting old or anything, right? LOL

Whether you agree with it or not, I got her a tattoo for her birthday. She has wanted it for two years and it is a memorial to her friend Lucia who passed away in 10th grade. Here are some pics:

She had a great birthday with her friends and we had a nice dinner Saturday that her Grandma Anita prepared. Here are some pics of that:

It was a wonderful birthday for all!

The boys are doing well also. School is in full swing and both seem to enjoy their friends and classes. Kenny started Junior High and is finally on track, lol! He is much more responsible this year and that is awesome! He walks or rides his skateboard to school each day so he likes that as well.

For me, the shoulder is still bothersome!  I was able to see the Orthopedic Surgeon this past week who believes my Rotator Cuff is okay, but that I injured the tendon coming off my clavicle (color bone) to my shoulder.  To find out for sure and see how extensive the damage is, he ordered an MRI, which is scheduled for the 17th.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is said doctor is getting married and will be gone so I can’t be treated until 10/6!  I am trying to see what I can do, but so far because this is a referral situation it is a little complicated.  In the mean time, I am finally laying low (no boogie boarding, indoor kart racing, etc.) and taking my Vicodin at night so I can sleep.  It IS very painful and I am getting tired of it……..

Oh, and the Ortho doctor mentioned I have some arthritis in my shoulder!  He said that it is not the cause for my pain, not to worry, and that “it’s normal for someone my age”!  What is THAT about?!?!!?!!?!  LOL

Okay, must go now…..Kenny is itching to go to the skate park and I need to get ready.  Yes, he is a skater boy now……and is getting kind of good.  Here is an action shot of both boys taken at Kirstie’s party last night:

Have a great day, Gina OUT!

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