When Gina decides something……

…..IT IS ON!

Well, you may remember that I enrolled in an MBA program earlier this year.  When some drama in my life came about in late March / early April, I put that on hold.  I also was not that impressed with the curriculum/teachers/program at said university.  I had thought I would just give up the idea of an MBA and focus on my kids, finding a job, etc.

Then, I realized that I DO need to find a job, but that this “down time” (especially now that my kids are back in school) could AT LEAST include doing something productive!  So I started reviewing my previous research on MBA programs, and narrowed it down to 3 schools.  I talked to 2, and really felt impressed by both.  However, one seemed to rise to the surface – not only the program structure, but the accreditation, their staff, and the way they handled me as a potential student.

Well, let me tell you, it has been about 32 hours since I gave the “green light” of my decision of attending the school…..and I have applied, been accepted, had a phone interview, had my financial info processed, have been enrolled, and am on track to start school 10/1/08!  I am truly amazed!


And, for those of you who know me, the last few months with no real structure has really killed me.  I am so a person who organizes time, maps things out, works best under pressure……well, that has not been my life recently!   I suppose that’s why I didn’t die when I was carrying 12-15 units, working full time, taking care of kids, and still getting things done!  LOL  So I am excited to have a “structure” back in my life – something that has deadlines, that needs my attention, that I need to map out…….oh, to do a mind map again!  Yippee!

So, Gina is back in school.  Wow.  I am jazzed.

One thought on “When Gina decides something……

  1. Congrats on MBA school! You’re a perfect fit and will do well. Understand if it’s info you don’t want to put online, but just ’cause I’m curious: any clues which school?

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