So the doctor said…..


I was able to see my REGULAR female doctor, who just returned to work from maternity leave. She rocks. Okay, just to be completely honest, I did NOT tell I have been boogie boarding and going to K1 with Kenny even though my shoulder kills. Teddi – no need to yell! LOL (Okay, for those of you who don’t know Teddi, she is NOT mean, just very protective.) She checked out my shoulder, was surprised I have made it so many weeks with the bad symptoms, and immediately referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. Don’t panic – that DOESN’T mean surgery, although I won’t know the treatment until he checks me out. I will probably need an MRI. So that is scheduled to occur next Wednesday for those who need to know those sort of details.

She also gave me VICODIN for the pain. Can you say SCORE?!!?!!?! LOL I am not going to go crazy on the stuff, but it WILL help me get through the night, which is very difficult for me right now. I am a side sleeper, and I don’t TRY to go on my left side, but I roll over in my sleep and BAM! Not a pleasant thing to go through several times nightly.

She also put me on cholesterol meds. Even though I have reduced my BMI by a lot, have altered my diet, and have been exercising lots (though I have slowed down with my shoulder issue), the cholesterol level did not go down by much. I think part of it is in my genes – my younger brother has always been THIN, including now, and his cholesterol has always been high. Plus, both my parents had heart issues at fairly young ages – although my Dad has done a stellar job with his health since that point. So, I hope the meds work. I will continue to try to eat better and exercise so don’t worry.

Sorry this has been such a boring post……but hey, that’s my life!

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