Boys’ first day of school!

Well, Gina kind of blew the first day of school because she is SICK!  So I don’t have cool “first-day-of-school-pictures” to show y’all!  NOT that Kenny would let me, he is now in JUNIOR HIGH after all!  Sheesh!  He had planned to walk to school with a friend, but said friend’s mother wanted to take him to school… I ended up taking Kenny.  Yes, picture this……”drop me off here, Mom!”  And he didn’t look back!

Go back 4 years……me and Kenny dropping Kirstie off at JH…..Kirstie doing the same thing……and Kenny saying with disgust, “Oh my gosh Mom!  I can’t believe she didn’t say I love you, goodbye, or ANYTHING!  I will NEVER be like that!”

I reminded him of that today, and he said, “Well, I wasn’t in JH when I said that Mom!”

Ah, teenagers!

Josh is happy with his new teacher and class as well.  All his friends from last year are in his class now, so he is cool.  He says his teacher is VERY cool too.  I couldn’t get much else out of him because he found is PSP in the car and he gets into video zone when that happens.  I am a HORRIBLE mother!

I see the doc tomorrow about my shoulder and cholesterol.  Sigh.  I will let you know how it goes.  So Teddi, no more yelling, ‘k?

Gina OUT!

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