Awesome Tuesday

I only have a few minutes to write, so sorry this is so brief!

Yesterday I took the boys to the beach – an early day, or a “surf day” – which means we were there before 8am!  Josh has finally taken the plunge and started boogie boarding…..he is actually pretty good!  And of course, Kenny had a blast surfing, although the waves weren’t huge or anything.  It was fun and we stayed until about 10:30, which is when most of the beach is closed to surfboards.

On the way back, we stopped in Orange to get some breakfast.  Since I used to live there, I told Kenny, “Hey, we should check out Play It Again Sports to see if they have their winter equipment out yet”.  The answer to that was NO – it will be out in September – but they had LOTS of summer equipment AND with killer prices!  NICE fiberglass surfboards cut at 50% off!  We asked the guy to make a recommendation for Kenny and found a pristine 6’6″ surfboard and it cost the same amount as the foam one I bought earlier this summer!  IT IS SWEET!  And it is still a great board for beginners too so it’s PERFECT!

So, we were all jazzed.  I am out of town for a few days, but we plan on going back Thursday or Friday to try it out!  Woohoo!  I will try ot have pics!

Hope you are well!

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