Holy Crap! The Countdown Begins!

Should I say “excuse my French”?

Today marks one month before my BABY GIRL turns 18!  Hoooooly, freaking CRAP!  LOL.  At least I know I was very young when she was born (ahem, 22.75) but still…..to have an adult for a child is a bit chilling!

These pics were taken yesterday as Kirstie, Kenny, and I went to sushi for lunch!

The almost adult…..

I have NO idea where he gets his silliness from!

My Joshter

My Aunt Kay mentioned a while ago that she like the boys having longer hair now.  Me too!  It is a little messy right now (have to get it cleaned up soon), but I like the longer look.  Kenny used to have HUGELY curly hair when he was little – that hasn’t shown up yet.  Josh is showing more curls and he had less when he was little!  LOL

Kirstie?  Well, she colors her hair and it is much darker than her natural color.  She had blonde hair when she was little and then it slowly turned to light brown.  Yesterday, her Dad said, “you should lighten your hair……like your Mom’s.”  She said, “I would look ridiculous!”  I guess the look on my face was like, “What?!!?!” because everyone laughed and then she had to clarify that it looked good on ME, but she didn’t think it would work for her!  LOL……..Reminds me of a comment Rona made before going to the eye doctor.  I will keep THAT one to myself!  Ha.

Okay, I am going to wrestle with Josh now, at least pretend to as I am not wanting to aggravate my shoulder more!

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