The Good, the Bad, the Ugly…..and the Amazing!

Okay, I had an interesting day.  Let’s get it in words……

The Good – Gracie is an amazing dog.  She is truly this woman’s best friend!  She follows me everywhere – when at my desk, she sits under my chair (even when there are a gajillion more comfortable places to sit), when I eat, she sits under my chair there too.  When I go upstairs, she follows.  When I go to bed, she cuddles.  She is amazing.

The Bad – well, I have been recording lately, creating somewhat fun music that will never get me famous or pay my bills.  When finishing, I rolled up my mic and instrument cables and laid them on the floor next to my guitar, saying “I will put these away later”.  About 30 minutes later, I went back to take care of them……..THERE WERE PIECES EVERYWHERE!  YES, PIECES of cable!  Since Gracie follows me everywhere, she saw my reaction and looked VERY guilty!  Yep, my dear dog tore my cables up!

The Ugly – today Kenny and I had a date and had agreed to go to K1 Speed indoor kart racing.  You may remember, this is intense, and very fast.  We are both very competitive.  Yes, we really take this to a new level.  And it was great fun, except remember I hurt my shoulder surfing?  I did okay on the first race, but the second car I had was much more difficult to steer.  And further, the brakes were not as responsive and when Kenny spun out a bit, I was not able to stop quickly enough and BASHED into him!  His poor head swung forward and snapped back, and my shoulder SCREAMED in pain!  Yeah, we didn’t make it to our third and “free” race after that.  Kenny’s neck is better now, but boy my shoulder is ticked off at me!

The Amazing – as I mentioned before, I have been composing and recording music lately.  It has been very therapeutic for me.  Today Josh heard some of these songs for the first time and was VERY excited and thought I was cool.  What more can a mom ask for?  But then it planted a seed for him and he, too, wanted to write a song.  We got home late, around 8 or so, and sat down to start the process.  He wanted to record the singing right away, but I explained that we didn’t even have a melody or words yet!  So we sat there and he came up with a melody like THAT (picture me snapping)!  I found the right key for his voice and then we started on the lyrics.  He came up with the majority of them with me helping to fine tune them a bit.  I explained how verses, choruses, and bridges work in songs, and he very easily incorporated them into his!  I quickly recorded the drums and guitars and then he recorded the singing!  I know I am biased, but I think he did a great job in the time involved, for a first song, for being almost 8-years-old, and having never done anything like this before!  To listen to the song, click here.  I think it’s quite amazing really!

So, there you have it!  I am really jazzed right now, despite my shoulder!

Gina OUT!

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