Surfing on Tuesday…..

Yes, so Kenny and I went to Seal Beach early Tuesday morning!  I had decided to rent a board and wet suit and try it out myself.  I learned rather quickly some things about surfing:

  • Getting my body into a wet suit is a job in itself!
  • Surfing is harder physically than boot camp!
  • Getting on your knees is tough, let along on your feet!

I had to take a few breaks – here is me on one of them:

I WAS getting frustrated about the not standing part……it was tough!  At one point Kenny gave me some hints and suddenly I was up on ONE foot!  Woohoo!  That made me even more determined, despite the beating my body was taking.  And suddenly……I WAS STANDING!  For a WHOLE TWO SECONDS I felt the wind in my face, the ocean crashing around me, the board beneath my feet……AMAZING!  And then, suddenly, I was crashing down at angels I have never felt before – my board went flying, I went catapulting….not sure what exactly happened, but at the time my neck was in excruciating pain.  I tugged my board in, got to the chair, and sat back…..honestly, rejoicing that I freaking stood up!  Yet the pain soon radiated more directly over my left shoulder, where it remains today.  It hurts so bad that I went to the doctor – he said I might have just pulled muscles or may have damaged myself more badly.  I have a sling for now, am taking meds, icing it, and seeing how I feel in a week or so……

But more importantly, Kenny is getting quite good!  Here are some pics of the action:

Here is Ken with his board

Here he is going out

And here he is waiting for waves with the other surfers

And here he is surfing

So, it was a good day overall!  He is going back today with Edgar, so I look forward to hearing how he did.  As for me, it’s time to get the Organic Raspberries out of the freezer for my shoulder!  🙂

Gina OUT

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