Whoa there…..

A few posts ago, I referred you to an pretty good blog posting about how a particular non-Christian viewed us when we evangelize.  In that post was a reference to another, specifically What Non-Christians Wants Christians to Hear. If you have time, you should check it out.  Not that I accept every view shared, but it certainly makes us realize some of the things that we, as Christians, do to those we are reaching out to.  And the writer of the blog published a book regarding this, if you’re interested.

One particular post touched me personally, as I have been exposed to this treatment as well:

“When did it become that being a Christian meant being an intolerant, hateful bigot? I grew up learning the positive message of Christ: Do well and treat others with respect, and your reward will be in heaven. Somehow, for a seemingly large group of Christians, that notion has gone lost: It has turned into the thunders and lights of the wrath of God, and into condemning everyone who disagrees with them to burning in the flames of hell. Somehow, present-day Christians forgot about turning the other cheek, abandoned the notion of treating others like they would like to be treated themselves; they’ve become bent on preaching, judging, and selfishly attempting to save the souls of others by condemning them. What happen to love? To tolerance? To respect?”—S.P., Nashville

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