Martin, you are SO RIGHT!

Back a few posts (Does this sound like me?), Martin commented with the following:

“But they left out: nerd; Justin-infatuated; and heavy metal iron maiden.”

He is so right! Why, well let’s break it down:

1. Yes, I am a nerd. Not the thick black glasses, pocket protector, and flood pants kind of nerd. But I DO love technology, different kind of humor, and evangelize the benefits of owning a Mac. So what that I enjoy Star Wars………I took an official nerd test, and they confirmed I am not DORKY, but a little nerdish…..

2. I am TOTALLY infatuated with Justin Timberlake! When he sings, and dances, I melt! He is GORGEOUS and I would marry him if given the chance. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, that would be non-existent, but a girl can dream, can’t she???? Shout out to Stephanie P who has similar, excellent taste! Whoot whoot!

3. Heavy metal, and especially Iron Maiden, are in high rotation on my iPod for sure! I have loved this genre and group since I was in high school – many moons ago! Martin and I would tease each other at work – I would offer to burn him a CD and he would be like…..”No…..”. (Although, admittedly, we DO share a love for Chicago, blues, and other music!). And for people like Rona, who rolls her eyes and says, “where’s the hook?”, I will just turn it up! LOL So yeah, I am one of those crazy metal head iron maiden girls!

Okay, that was a nice diversion – thanks Martin!

And on a side note, congrats to Martin who has been ordained in the Presbyterian (PCA) church and now has his own CHURCH that meets on Sundays mornings and evenings in La Habra……for more info check out his site here.

2 thoughts on “Martin, you are SO RIGHT!

  1. Thanks, Gina – but sheesh!, now I have to get cracking and update the website. I suppose regular ongoing updates, too… 🙂

  2. Hey Gina, thanks for the plug about Mission PC. So, how does one get ahold of the nerd test. May as well take it for fun.

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