American Idol Results…..Yikes I’m Nervous!

I am writing this as the show is being broadcast, so that’s why I am nervous!

Let’s see if Paula does anything as strange as last night!

Jason – he is cute and he seems really nice. But you know what? I can’t freaking believe he is safe!!! Amazing. Girls must be voting!

So does that mean Brooke is going home??? Fingers are crossed!

David A – he has to be in, don’t you think? Yeah, no surprise there.

David C – I love him I love him and he’s safe! Yeah baby!!!!

So is it Syesha or Brooke???? I hope it’s Brooke which is funny since I’ve called Syesha out many times. Hmmmm. Weird………………………

Brooke is gone! Sorry Steve, but it was time! And her sobbing at the end ALMOST made me feel bad……almost, but not quite!

One thought on “American Idol Results…..Yikes I’m Nervous!

  1. I haven’t seen much of this season’s AI, so who am I to comment? Still….

    This seems like one of the most lackluster groups. The only one who really seems to have any future is David C. At least he can rock. Syesha can go to Broadway and probably be a star there. Brooke? Eh? Maybe if she stays at the piano and works that angle. Jason? Too breathy. Ugh. David A.? He’s a great karaoke singer who will have as much success as Sam Harris, the first winner of Star Search. People went ga-ga over him while the competition was on, but who’s heard of him since?

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