American Idol – The Final Five

It’s getting more tough people! Carly is gone and there are only five people to beat up on, and I like the Davids for sure! So what can I do????? Well, at least I can do the weekly play-by-play and see what happens! Let’s do it.

NEIL DIAMOND NIGHT!!!! (I am a secret fan…..for my 14th birthday I asked and received his Jazz Singer album!)

First Songs:

Jason (5701)- I think this genre is very good for Jason. This song he did quite well, although I did get a LITTLE bored. But he looked pretty cute, even if I didn’t receive any texts about how hot he was! 🙂

David C (5702) – I like that he chose songs that are less known and hey, he gave Neil goose bumps! LOVED IT! He rocked it but it still have a ND flavor. His voice was a little rougher, and he sounded GOOD. Yep yep! Missed you David but YOU’RE BACK!

Brooke (5703) – I never realized ND wrote “I’m A Believer”! And I love this song, even in Shrek! But Brooke? She so screwed it up! Was it in the wrong key for her or something? She still had that painful, shaky voice thing that worked for last but didn’t for this week! Yuck man. Seriously, she’s actually here and Carly isn’t???? Sheesh.

David A (5704) – he took two very, very high profile songs of ND for his performances; the first being Sweet Caroline. I did a symbolic rolling of the eyes when I realized his choice. But you know what? He changed it enough to make it his own! And of course his rendition and voice was beautiful. Good job Little David!

Syesha (5705) – “Hello Again” in one of my favorite songs. A little concerned……will I like it? YES! Her voice was MUCH bigger on this song than I remember and I actually liked it, even with the Whitney-esk ending.

Side note: Paula cracks me up! Hello, there has only been ONE SONG DONE SO FAR! So where the heck are you getting “The first song was okay but the second was not so good….” etc.???? Give her some more tequila!

Second Songs:

Jason – boring, boring, boring. And I don’t think it was well executed, either. I can’t vote for him!

David C – I love this guy and am SO GLAD that he is back! I love his voice, I love his renditions of music, I love him. Even Simon loved this song!!! Vote vote vote!

Brooke – she sucks and needs to go home. Seriously. I am sick of her, although she sounded a LITTLE better during the chorus. CARLY WHERE ARE YOU????? (I am ignoring the judge comments)

David A – I wasn’t sure about this when it first started…..but he pulled it off! I liked it and I want him to do well, even though I want David C to win.

Syesha – I liked it! more than I have in the past and you know I’ve called her as going home……

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