My Son

Psalm 127:3, “Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.” UPDATE

I have three wonderful children that are truly rewards. But today, I would like to focus on just one of them – my son, Kenny.

Kenny has always been a very, very sensitive young man. He has great intuition to sense other’s feelings, comfort them, and understand them at a level beyond his years. Even when he was like three years old, he knew if I was sad and went out of his way to love me – to take away some of my sadness. Now that he’s on the cusp of being a teenager, this gift of his is even stronger.

There are times when I forget that he’s only 12, that his feelings are still maturing. That he has trouble with sadness and anger just as I do. But yet, he still finds a way to bless me beyond measure. Kenny is truly a gift to me from the Lord.

Yesterday, over dinner, I shared something with Edgar about changes that have occurred at work. Kenny was not at the table, but overheard the details and became very protective of me. He was very angry and so went to the bathroom – I am guessing to control the tears that had moved to his eyes. For my own part, I felt HORRIBLE that he heard what I had said and seemed to take it into his heart. He came out moments later – I don’t mean to be dramatic, but as if he had the touch from God. His countenance was so……wonderful. He had loving words to share with me, he understood the situation well beyond his years, and his words were geared to bless me and me alone. At that moment I felt like he was the parent and I was the child! But then, I realized God had blessed me, and so profoundly in the moment, through my son. I rejoice in that.

There are times that we can lose touch with the blessings that God has given us. Our society seems to always be seeking bigger and better “things”, never really finding contentment with what we have been given. I am guilty of that. I have so many holes within me that need to be filled, yet God has already provided the means to fill them. Kenny is one of those means, as manifested when he blessed me so much last night and so many other times. This was a wonderful reminder that God loves me beyond measure!

Love you Kenny!

One thought on “My Son

  1. Praying for you. Hoping things start getting better for you. Saddened by the events that you share even though you share just a glimpse.

    Sounds like your son is a God send.

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