American Idol Results

Okay, let me point out first that I was 100% correct with the bottom three! And yes, if you don’t know me, I do NOT think highly of myself but LOVE to sound that way on this blog! I ROCK!!!

I was NOT correct with who was going home – Syesha stayed and Kristy left. I was a LITTLE sad about that, especially since this week was the first time I actually LISTENED to Kristy and didn’t cover my ears and moan. But, then again, how many weeks DID I do that? So, it’s probably good that she is going home. But part of me will miss the complaining me and my friend would do as she sang……

We will have to see how it goes next week! It’s getting more difficult because the pool is leaving those I really like. But then, there’s always Brooke to vote off……..

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