American Idol, Gina Style

Here is my update for the week!

David A: I loved everything except the falsetto part. Mariah, yes. David, no. But otherwise a strong performance, although not strong enough for me to vote for him. I think he will make it this week.

Carly: I liked her song, she added her own flavor to it. My friend said she was a little boring, especially on the lower notes, and I think there is some truth to that. But I liked it and voted for her. Hope she doesn’t make the bottom three again this week. I think she’s safe.

Shyesha : She was in her genre this week I think, with the warble and changing notes and Mariah-ish singing. But I still could not feel it. I loved her hair, but I didn’t stop my homework to watch her and listen. And that, to me, means she should be in the bottom three. Yep, no votes for her this week!

Brooke – she still bugs me. I think she sucked when she doesn’t sing a folksy song, and Mariah is not that folksy people. Stop this madness, seriously. I agree with Simon, we only got the bun with this performance. She needs to go home! Not vote, yep you guessed it.

Kristy – you know that she is not my favotire. But this week, despite her pitch problems in a few places, she did a fine job with this song. My friend said her phrasing (aka not taking a breath for the end) was very good. I agree. I almost want to vote for her. But naw. Not sure if she will be in the bottom three. I hope so but it is questionable.

David C: I like that he changed the song from the original. I liked the orchestra. This was very un-Mariah like and yes, I loved it. But you know I love him so I don’t know how objective I am. But hey, the judges backed me up on this – even Simon, so there you go! I still think he’s taking this one all the way! On a side note, the background vocals SUCKED! Yes, I voted for David.

Jason – okay, I continued with my homework when he sang, but it was a pleasant song to think to and I got the right answers, so there you go. I have no complaints about him and yes, my friend is still lusting after him and his hair. Simon even commented that the song was owned by Jason and that is huge. Go Jason. Cool dreds. Yes, I voted for him.

So, I think the bottom three will be Syesha, Brooke, Kristy. I think Syesha is going home. But I’ve been wrong before (but I DID get 2 out of 3 of the bottom right last week!)

Gina OUT!

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