Yep, an update!

This week has been a bit hectic for me – lots going on. School has kicked in and it’s got me busy…..more so because I wait until the last minute to do my homework! But I am glad to say that much of this procrastination was the result of having lots of fun this weekend!

Saturday I spent quality time with my boys – the neighborhood was having a bonfire and so I hung around and just had fun. Josh danced, Kenny was doing five million things, and it was just……chill. Then Sunday the boys and I went to visit my Dad and Ellie and we had so much fun. It was a very sweet reunion of sorts. It amazes me that despite time and drama, family meshes back together as if nothing has really changed. That blessed me tremendously and the boys had a blast too.

Later on Sunday Kirstie returned from her Spring Break trip, which happened to be to San Francisco. True to form, Kirstie was glad to me home (ever since she was a child, she never really liked being away from home for long periods of time.) I had a BLAST hearing about her trip, seeing the awesome pictures she took while there, and just hanging with her. It was really cool!

Then, on Monday I took the boys to an Angels game and Edgar came too because Kirstie fell for his beggin…..yes, this was the game where they Angels won at the bottom of the 9th thanks to a Grand Slam Home Run? Yeah, we were in the parking lot heading to our car when that happened! Can you picture Kenny throwing his glove, making two fists, and screaming to the sky, “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”? Yeah, it really happened! We ran to the car, turned on the radio, and figured out what had happened as the fireworks were shooting into the sky! LOL. Kenny has forgiven me so don’t worry. Also, this was the first game Josh really was old enough to experience fully and it was great to see him take it all in, experience the excitement of it, and watch him absorb the concepts of the game. IT WAS A GREAT NIGHT!

So, all of that to say…….life is busy but things are NICE! I still have tough moments (don’t we all?), still have drama, and am busy as all heck. But I am being blessed by my God, by my family, and by my friends. God is faithful beyond measure……

As many of you know, I am not a huge TV watcher. But this season I have gotten hooked into a few shows, one especially…..AMERICAN IDOL! So, since last night was the performance night, here is my recap! (Yes, I know you’re DYING to know what I think!)

Not in order of performance because I am still waking up:

David Archuleta – he is one of my favorite performers, despite his nervous lip licking. He is so CUTE and SWEET and boy, can he sing! But last night was the first night I didn’t vote for him this season! The song he sang just didn’t resonate with me at all. I think his voice was okay, but it didn’t do anything for me. Sorry David.

Jason Castro – this is one of my friend’s favorite, more because I think she likes his looks and HAIR. But anyway, his rendition of Over the Rainbow is in my head even as I type at this ungodly hour! I think it was truly one of his best performances this season and he changed the song just enough to make it HIS, which I respect. I might even buy the song from iTunes……I voted for him this week.

David Cook – I need to be real here, David C. is my favorite on the show! I LOVE how he alters songs to make them his own and I have purchased two or three of his songs from iTunes. I think he can go all the way, I really hope he wins! Having said that, however, last night was not that impressive. I love his voice and he has a great stage presence, but it wasn’t his best……it’s like he was washed out or lacked the pizzazz I am used to. I DID vote for him out of loyalty if not for his performance.

Kristy Lee Cook – I need to be real here, too. Kristy bugs me. Every week I cringe when she sings and pray that this is the week she gets kicked off. The best thing she has going for her is her looks, which I admit are stellar. However, she pulled this week off rather well! Her singing was better than normal – I think her song choice was good. But, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for her.

Michael Johns – here is another person who has been flagged by my friend as “hot”. I really can’t feel it. And his singing? Well, he is consistent each week, but I just don’t FEEL it! And what is with the scarves he has been wearing the last two weeks? They need to go. And I seem to see the same performance week after week…..boring. His song was okay……and I didn’t vote for him.

Syesha Mercado – You know, I like Syesha. Last week’s “I will always love you” I thought was very good, despite the judges’ comments. But this week? I think she blew it. This may be the last week for Syesha. Or I expect her to be in the bottom 3. If she goes, I will miss her cool hair. I didn’t vote for her.

Carly Smithson – Let’s be real again here, Carly is another one of my favorites. I think her voice is amazing – it’s depth, the control she has! And, let’s face it, I like her tattoos too! (Not really the ones on her husband’s face, but I won’t penalize her for that!) This week’s performance was good too – she hit the notes, varied her range, belted and pulled back………yeah. Not the most amazing as far as making me all jump and vote for her and say, “Now THAT is singing!”, but still made me pat myself on the back for liking a winner. Yeah, I voted for her.

Brooke White – Okay, another friend is in love with Brooke. I kind of see it, her puppy dog, tearful eyes and large smile……but COME ON PEOPLE! She sings the same freaking style of song every freaking week and bores me to tears! Are there other songs besides those from Carly Simon and James Taylor???? HELLO! She bugs the hell out of me, can’t you tell???? As a friend said, “Can we vote people off????” Too bad we can’t! Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t bug me as much as Kristy, she can sing okay, but she is not really a contender in my book. Yea, I didn’t vote for her. She probably won’t go this week though. Sigh.

My call for the bottom three:

Syesha, Michael, Brooke. I think that Syesha is going home.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Yep, an update!

  1. Great post, Gina! It sounded more like your “old” self and was totally fun. I haven’t watched Idol this season, but it was fun to read of your update of the current group. Are there any Sanjaya’s in the mix?

  2. Gina, I am so happy that things are going better with the boys back and that things are getting back to normal with your dad and Ellie. It sounds like you are working together to have a good family relationship. It makes my heart sing. Love you.

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