Horrors of the Post Office

I love the fact that, in this country, we are able to send mail for such a small amount of money. The fact that I can send a letter to New York for 41 cents and it gets there in a matter of days is amazing to me. In fact, growing up it was the main way I communicated with my Grandma in Michigan and it was a great tool. So, there ARE positive things about the United States Post Office.

BUT, when things go wrong, they REALLY go wrong. And trying to get an answer is a pain in the butt. Let me explain:

I was planning to move to Texas, so I forwarded my mail to Texas several months ago. This was true for Deana as well. However, when it became clear that I was NOT moving to Texas, I purchased a post office box at The UPS Store close to my work. I then put in a NEW forwarding order to get my mail from Texas to the new address in California. That was six weeks ago. I have yet to receive one piece of mail, including the confirmation of the change order. I have received OTHER mail that has been sent directly to the new address, however.

So today I finally broke down and called the Frisco post office to find out if they even received the change order. They confirmed that they DID and that they have been forwarding the mail. They told me I should call the local post office to confirm what was happening on their end. Overall, this was a pleasant conversation because, well, they are very nice in Texas.

I called the Brea post office and they gave me the run around almost from the beginning – they get too much mail to tell if they were receiving mine, the problem was with the UPS Store, the problem was the Frisco post office, etc. I pushed (those who know me in person know I am pushy!) so he said he would talk to the carrier. I was on hold for a LONG time and then he came back and said, “what is your name again?” He then told me I wasn’t even in the system (never mind that earlier he told me he couldn’t see Texas information in his system) and then I realized he was spelling my last name phonetically instead of the way it really is spelled. Anyway, I gave up and said I would call the Frisco post office to confirm what address they were forwarding to, since my previous conversation didn’t touch on that.

I called and got the same pleasant lady, who quickly told me she couldn’t confirm the address because her system had been down all day. ?!?!!?!!? How did she check earlier? And then I was reminded that when the mail was first forwarded to Texas they received the order but didn’t deliver the mail. When I called THEN, I was told an additional form needed to be filled out to give the carrier permission to deliver to the house. Have you ever heard of that before?!?!!?!

So, who knows what the freaking problem is! All I know is that I have weeks of mail that hasn’t been delivered. I am going to fill out a new forwarding order, per their suggestion, but I will also pray over the card first. I will also call much sooner if I don’t get my freaking mail!

Don’t tell anyone, but I’d be willing to pay 45 cents per envelope just to be able to actually receive my freaking mail!

5 thoughts on “Horrors of the Post Office

  1. Don’t you love the United States government in action? So, this is what I learned: 1. They are nice in Texas but won’t tell you the truth, and 2. They are jerks in CA but they’ll tell you how it is, which is they can’t tell you anything. So, moral of the story: it doesn’t matter if they’re nice or jerks, they won’t be able to help you! 🙂

    Hope you have a good night, G! Thanks for posting! It makes me feel like there is another person in the world as frustrated as I am (I was dealing with Quickbooks earlier, and it was literally making my chest hurt).

  2. I understand! Our UPS store in Texas is just as helpful..Not! They are honest and plain stupid.Management doesn’t help, 100 calls doesn’t either. It took us 4 months for them to put us on the “forwarding list” after being told many times we were. Have a good week!

  3. Sorry to hear about your mail situation. Hopefully everything gets resolved soon and you start getting your mail. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to read your posts. I’ve caught up now and hopefully will be able to stay that way.

  4. The real truth is I called all the Post Offices and told them to put your mail in the circular file because I have not seen you in soooooooooooo long. Kathleen

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