My Commute…..

….aka “Things that make me go huh?”

Here are questions I often ask myself as I drive to work each morning:

~ Why do people feel the need to pay money for a license plate frame that tells you what kind of car they have? Ex: I saw a Trail Blazer that was clearly marked as such, but then their plate frame shows me again. Was the driver telling me I’m stupid????

~ Do you notice how many people put the registration stickers on the wrong sides? Ex: Year sticker on the left, month sticker on the right. Is it really that difficult to read the MO and YR that is painted on the plate????? Maybe they’re just rebels.

~ I don’t mean to diss these sort of people in the least, but I have always been confused when people place “In Remembrance” stickers on their car for loved ones that have passed away. While I know we all grieve differently, what is the remembrance part? The car? Or the life of the driver?? If someone knows, please pass it on.

~ People who buy “spinner” hub caps from PepBoys really need to not do it……

~ People who smoke but don’t want to get the “smell” in their pretty cars crack me up. You can tell these people because they hang their cigarettes out the window – which is barely cracked – so the smoke doesn’t get in their car. Do they not know they REEK of smoke????

Okay, that’s all I have right now. Peace.

4 thoughts on “My Commute…..

  1. I think we share a similar brain because I have thought the EXACT same things! What about people you pay for a vanity plate, then pay for a license plate frame that explains the vanity plate? Seriously!

  2. Classic.

    Had the same thought today. This morning I saw a Sequoia with “Sequoia” on the license plate frame. Uh……OK.


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