School has begun……FURIOUSLY!!!

Okay, so my first class in my MBA program starts tomorrow (Thursday). I registered last Tuesday when I attended orientation at Hope. At that time, I was told I would have access to my class by the following Thursday the latest. Well, I DID receive my sign on information (the classes are hybrid – you receive lectures and other materials online, you hold 4 of the 8 classes online, and attend the remaining in person), however the sign on information did not work. After several attempts, I escalated to the online help desk, who informed me that my account had not yet been set up. This was acerbated by the fact we were heading into a 3 day weekend……so my study days were lost as I had no idea what to study! I wasn’t worried though – maybe Hope wasn’t like Biola and we didn’t have homework due on the first night…..

I finally resolved the sign on issue yesterday…..and realized I had to read 7 chapters and write two papers by Thursday! Dun dun dun! I DID panic at this point – very much so. It went something like this:

“Oh my word, how in the hell am I gonna do this? I am so ticked that all those days were wasted! I could have done so much this weekend!!!!”

Then, when I took a few breaths, I said:

“Come on Gina, remember high school? You KNEW about the homework then and CHOSE to wait until the last minute to do it and you did well… can pull this off!”

So a melt down was avoided!

But wait……I realized the second textbook – and the one that I needed to read 5 of the 7 chapters – was the one that the bookstore didn’t have when I attended orientation and which was ordered (supposedly) the next day. I hadn’t heard from them! I called and pretty much they were not sure what the deal was… the point where I didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling that I would have my book in time. Being the very industrious person that I am (need I add modest?) I checked out Borders (not in stock), Barnes & Noble (not in stock), and Amazon (I could have it in my hands the next day…!). So I ordered it from Amazon and I will be reading my heart out tonight!

Well, really, so far this material is very much repeat for me… is almost identical to the material I learned in my Principles of Management at Biola. So while I have enjoyed reading the two chapters in the text I have, I think I can speed read the other chapters tonight. So don’t even worry about me! 🙂

I also need to write two papers – no biggie. I started one last night and remembered how much I hate to START papers. I hate to start them! But once I get through the wall of “the beginning”, I can really start rolling. So that’s what I look forward to doing today at lunch.

Let me clarify something – the above words might paint a picture that I am stressed about school. I WAS, to be sure, initially. But you know what I am feeling now???? Excited, energized, challenged……it’s all positive. I love this and really don’t have the words to express how relieved I am to be back in school (only have had a couple sips of coffee….). I look forward to learning and incorporating my knowledge into my job – not just for “the career”, but for my own enjoyment. I love my job and yeah…..again, lack of words.

Okay peeps. I know my blogs have reflected the crap in my life the last several days. I know some of you have shared your concern. But it’s not all bad. I promise.

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