Annoying things and other Ramblings


If any of my 2.78 readers know me if person, you’d probably know that inconsiderate people are the most irritating and annoying thing on my list of things that bug me. I don’t know, I am sure I’ve had my moments of being inconsiderate, so maybe I should show a little more grace. But I YEARN to think of others and not be selfish, etc. I do have to admit that my opinion of someone grows much worse when a “man” treats a woman badly.

Here is a hypothetical situation (or is it? You’ll never know!):

~ Woman, an older sibling, gives her youngest brother his first laptop – used, but he is a teenager.

~ Woman buys her brother his first car as a HS graduation present, no strings attached.

~ Woman pays for her brother’s Christmas gifts for several years because her mother cannot afford it. The gifts were not socks, either.

Now flash forward – and not BECAUSE of the above, but just background of the scenario relationship up to this point.

~ Younger brother (now an adult at – let’s say, 20 – so supposedly a man), is being given his sister’s mattress when he moves out. Except, his sister will not be moving until three days after he leaves. This “man” takes the mattress, leaving his sister (who is, let’s say, 40) to sleep on the ground. When she calls and says it’s physically impossible for her to sleep this way, he basically says, “F you, the mattress is mine”.

~ But for another sibling – a SISTER I might add – the older sister would be left sleeping on the floor.

Here are my opinions (for what they’re worth):

~ It would never be decent for a MAN to leave a woman sleeping on the floor under any circumstances, except maybe if the man was physically unable to sleep on the floor. However, this was not the case in the scenario and, in fact, this “man” could have shared a bed for the three nights involved with another sibling – as he has done for the past six months.

~ Is should be embarrassing to the “man” that a woman had to be the gentleman in this scenario, offering up her bed in the mean time.

~ It is not fair to accuse the woman in this scenario of being selfish.

~ “My bed” is an interesting thought in this scenario, since apart from the older sister, the “man” would not have anything to sleep on in three days anyway, let alone for months and months until he can get his own bed.

~ As for me, if I REALLY knew the “man” in this scenario, I would be done and glad to not have to have this person in my life day-to-day in the future. Selfish, inconsiderate people suck, ESPECIALLY when they are family. It seems he will end up alone and without those who had loved him surrounding him. Seems to be projecting a very lonely life unless he begins to see life beyond his own nose.

~ I will do my “darndest” to make sure my boys are chivalrous and considerate of those around them – kind to women, respectful of elders, think of others before themselves, etc. I don’t ever want them to be in a scenario such as this and fail so miserably.

NOW, on to other topics:

I did NOT go to Bible Study last night, missing ANOTHER week. IF Martin is reading this, I am sorry. Not to say my beauty is more important, but I DID have a hair appointment. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday night, but needed to be changed at the last minute. So, sorry.

Okay, I have a doctor appointment this morning so gotta go! Thanks for reading my ramblings!

3 thoughts on “Annoying things and other Ramblings

  1. I was wondering where you were this morning. Have fun at the doctor’s. I saw the dentist this morning so I’m feeling your pain.

    I agree, inconsiderate men suck! I don’t think your boys will ever end up like that with you and Deana around. You wouldn’t put up with it.

  2. hey g.
    i no i dont comment on all your blogs..but i read them all =]
    i read them in computer computers and its hard to comment cause its blocked and i have to go threw the filters and stuff…(and mom is your reading this..i TOTALLY pay attention in class!) hahah but yeah just thought i’d let ya no.
    love ya!

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