Mission Presbyterian……PCA…..and more……

You may or may not have noticed the new link I have to the right…..for Mission Presbyterian Church. This is a plant church that was started by my co-worker Martin and his wife Kathleen along with a group of people committed to this plant. Currently, Mission holds a Wednesday night bible study and a Sunday evening worship/bible study. For more information, check out the link! And I highly recommend you visit either meetings (or both!) – it is a great time with great people……AND you will see my face there too! LOL

On the school front, I received my official acceptance from Hope International – woohoo! I go to Orientation on the 15th, get registered, and buy my books. I had forgotten about the book part, wow they are expensive! LOL But I think I am ready to get back to homework and all that jazz. I am really looking forward to graduate work, which will not have to include GE classes with kids right out of high school, etc. (Sorry Heather, I love you, but many are not as cool as you!) And I am looking forward to learning more topics about management and such.

That’s about it for me right now…..a little sleepy and it’s hard to query the brain at this present moment.

3 thoughts on “Mission Presbyterian……PCA…..and more……

  1. Does this such co-worker and friend wax eloquent? And, when he waxes eloquent, does he do it for long? LOL

    I’m game to visit. I mean who could pass up a plug like that????

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